More About Fear of Failure

My oldest daughter, Alex who is 10 years old reads each one of my blog posts as I write them. She likes to give me feedback on her thoughts and really related to my last one on fear so I thought I needed to cover this subject again. She struggles with the fear of failure with me and has displayed this throughout her life.  In Kindergarten, she ran off the stage during the all grade singing performance crying for mommy.  She was afraid of getting the hand motions and words wrong.  She did this again in first grade and I thought this would be a pattern for all grades.  In third grade, she performed a country line dance that we practiced at home and with her friends.  She did not run or cry to mommy but stuck with it even though she made a few mistakes.  What changed?  She had a teacher (Mrs. Andersen) who stretched the students by giving them 3 opportunities to give presentations in front of the class.  She encouraged them on what they did right and gave them careful advice on what they could improve upon.  What a wonderful environment to create for kids to feel comfortable making mistakes and having the opportunity to face their fears in a safe place.  This is what God does for us!  He provides opportunities for us to push ourselves and gives us a safe place for us to face our fears.  These verses in Job 11:15-16 (NCV) describe how God takes care of us when we get out of our comfort zone: “15 Then you can lift up your face without shame, and you can stand strong without fear.  16 You will forget your trouble and remember it only as water gone by.”  When you want to go running off the stage crying to your mommy, remember these verses and how God will help you face your fears.

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