img_4048_stroud-family-webMy name is Michelle and I am married to a commercial airline pilot named Sam and have 3 beautiful girls Alexandria, Zoe and Melina.  They are the loves of my life.  I am currently the CEO of our household.  In the recent past, I worked for nearly 20 years in Human Resources, recruitment and payroll departments for private companies in California, Pennsylvania and Arizona.  My life has been one big wild ride and has just turned into a roller coaster ride that goes upside down.


Mission:  To share with others my adventures to encourage, teach and train by using humor and God’s word (the Bible).

Vision:  My purpose is to see at least one person encouraged by what I write and the pictures I share.

Values:  To have a balance of fun and work, to train and teach by using the Bible, and to make a difference by what I write and pictures I post.


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